Cheers!!! Yes we are back from jolly Ol' England and it was TRULY jolly!!
We made many new friends, heard great stories and songs, were overwhelmed by the beauty of the castles, churches, and villages. We were met with a very kind reception everywhere we played and had an unforgettable adventure.

    We are nestled back home and having a proper winter...reading, creating, resting, praying, working on the land, working on the launch of a New Website AND we will be posting a video log of our UK tour!!! It will be posted in 5-10 min chapters!!!! Thank you for your continued support and incomparable encouragement in helping us Free Our Dream!  

Journal entry from Wild Women Salon in Windemere, UK: Exquisite, ethereal, mythical Bohemian salon…the Writers circle of Dorothy Parker, Joyce in William Wordsworth's mansion...turned Common Farm artist collective-the Commoners...shuttering words that seem stretched and tickled- thrilled to be unleashed by an English if they found their home...their true fulfillment of meaning dancing from British lips. Raw, vulnerable tangoing soliloquies, paintings of syllables surrounded by a grand piano candelabra, fine china and silver, velvet curtains, old black and white photographs and large paintings of past slipping into past...  

Journal entry Monday,November 20, 2005
Sitting in Edinburgh, Scotland drinking a local Scotch in the Sandy Bell on Forest St. listening to traditional Scottish Folk music session…Yes , yes and 1000 times yes!!! What a dream - this living !!! So grateful for these opportunities to see, taste, feel so much of this living... What Majesty!!!

January 12th, 2006, As You Wish Woods