< !TROUBADOURS OF DIVINE BLISS eclectic folk duo of female vocalists, accordion, guitar performers on the street and wherever the spirit leads.! Off the Cuff: Live at the Winchester

1. Ancient Tower DSL/Dial-up

2. Rise DSL/Dial-up

3. Mi Amor

4. Shatter DSL/Dial-up

5. Life is Sweet DSL/Dial-up

6. Holy Now DSL/Dial-up

7. Remarkable Romance

8. Be Brave

9. Eye Booger Polka

10. Tickle Me Sweet

11. Brightside DSL/Dial-up

1. Standin DSL/Dial-up

2. Jim Wright

3. Angel From Montgomery DSL/Dial-up

4. H.H. Doolittle DSL / Dial-up

5. Walk By Your Side

6. Shake The Devil DSL /Dial-up

7. Superman

8. Do You Live What You Preach

9. Shiver Me Timbers DSL/Dial-up

10. Scarlet Carnival DSL/Dial-up

"Throughout all of the music on Off the Cuff, you get the feeling you're at a carnival, where the games aren't rigged, where the rides are safe but still fun, where the smiles are genuine and not a sleaze-hiding veneer, where you can still get a quick peek at the sideshow with their wry wit and sometimes off-color hilarity. In short, it represents everything the Troubadours of Divine Bliss are about". --Tim Roberts, Louisville Music News READ REVIEW

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Disc 1

Disc 2