February 26, 2002 Mt. Pleasant, IN

There's so much to say about the twists and turns of our road since we last made an entry. After 4 years of traveling fulltime we finally found ourselves needing to "Unload the Road".We began the search for our little piece of paradise throughout the Fall...

Just seeing what was out there...one day, we began en route to a property at the end of a 3 mile gravel road with an adventurous path back to it consisting of hills and turns. We took one look at the final hill up to the property and said, "ain't no way".

We backed up the van in a gravel drive to turn around...should have been an easy turn around...the back tires slipped into some tall, wet grass that was disguising a ditch... we were stuck. We concluded we shouldn't have attempted the trip back there...frustrated we began a walk up to a house to call AAA.

We met this man who has been a professional musician for 18 years and has a little recording studio in his country home. We made the call, hung out with him, exchanged tunes and walked back down to the van. We waited, and waited, and waited and still no AAA, so we decided to just go look at the property that got us into this predicament.