July 29, 2003 Cleveland, OH

This June 3rd marked my (Renee's) 35th birthday.  Miss Aim Me gave me the gift of sky diving for my birthday...thank you, Aim Me!  

It was my opportunity to yield my life to the universe in the rite of flight.  3 score and 5 years ago began my life and death sacrament...everyday we experience this as we are reborn and die, reborn and die.  We dance into surrender and surrender into dance.

  This year I learned of a ceremonial life/death rite of passage present in many indigenous cultures.  In these cultures it is believed that you are to surrender and willingly participate in a life or death ritual in your journey.   In this ceremony you are to submit to a life/death moment and truly face the hand of fate with faith. 

What a beautiful thing...total abandonment of the fear of death to find the freedom of life.   Simply, "You must lose your life to find it..."!   

For me it was a spiritual experience to fall into the hand of the wind and find myself cradled there...it doesn't feel like falling (even at 120mph).  I felt supported in my surrender by the unseen.   It was an awakening into this bewildering illusion we call life.  

We are so weighted down by our attachment to this body (our space suit here on earth) that we don't gain the release of spirit.   We get so absorbed in our plans that we lose our purpose.   We spend our lives "living to die" rather than "dying to live".  

I wanted to share this experience with all of you as a reminder to let go and let God, to fall into the call, to live to love and love to live, and die a little death every day...why?  

So YOU can FLY!

Sher-Bear, Renee and Aylie

Aylie, Sher-Bear and Renee