November 3rd, 2004  Cincinnati, Ohio

Aim Me doing a "honk and wave for voting" for Election Protection

We went to Cincinnati to be volunteers and poll monitors for the non-partisan group, People for the American Way, for this 2004 Election day. We arrived on Monday, attended training, helped organize the effort, did data entry, and encouraged people on the street to vote.   

On Tuesday, we were poll monitors in a predominately African American community of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Our job was to inform voters of their voting bill of rights, to help them get to their correct precinct, and to make sure voters felt supported, protected and had a good voting experience.

We were overwhelmed by the good will of all of the volunteers and people we met. The group, Election Protection, for whom we volunteered, only expected 300 volunteers. Over 1,000 volunteers came from all over the country to donate their time to protect democracy.   It was heart warming and encouraging to meet these kindred spirits. There are so many people willing to sacrifice and fight for the voice of the people.

Unfortunately, we did witness attempts at voter suppression...

someone telephoned an African American radio station and reported that our precinct and others in the black community were out of ballots. We quickly acted to call the station and inform them of the truth...we can't help but wonder how many people thought it was "too late" for their vote.

We also were informed that flyers were distributed in that community telling Democrats to vote on Wednesday, November 3rd.

We pray ALL votes were counted in this election, but it's difficult for us to believe that the American voice voted to choose bigotry instead of compassion, arrogance instead of humility, sickness instead of health, poverty instead of prosperity, environmental devastation instead of conservation, deficit instead of surplus, war instead of peace.

Are these moral values?

We, who care about Love and Compassion, by tending God's Earth, caring for ALL God's People, who care about being a good steward of our time and resources, and protecting our children's inheritance know that TRUE moral values are in recognizing we must all be honoring that,  we find what is most valuable in the world around us is truth and liberty for ALL.

Our spirits were distraught by the outcome of the election, but we have made the vow,


We encourage you to BE BRAVE, to nourish your spirits and trust that the universe is "unfolding as it should".